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Iceland Private Jeep Photo Tour - Vestmannaeyjar


Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring landscapes of volcanic islands, breathtaking coastlines, and abundant wildlife, all while capturing stunning images. Accompanied by our seasoned professional photographer, you'll be guided to the prime locations in a fully equipped Jeep, receiving valuable tips and tricks to elevate your photography skills.

Commencing with a scenic drive from Reykjavik, we'll journey towards the picturesque port of Landeyjarhöfn. From there, a ferry ride will transport us to the captivating islands, presenting unparalleled photo opportunities of the mesmerizing coastlines and the fascinating wildlife that thrives in this extraordinary habitat.

Vestmannæyjar, also referred to as Westman Islands, comprises a cluster of 15 volcanic islands and islets nestled along Iceland's southern coast. The islands bear witness to the remarkable eruption that occurred in 1973, when the island of Heimaey endured a five-month volcanic outburst. This cataclysmic event led to the emergence of a new mountain, Eldfell, and the evacuation of the entire population. The eruption was eventually quelled by the ingenious method of cooling the lava flows with seawater. Today, remnants of this tumultuous past contribute to the islands' allure.

One of the notable highlights of Vestmannæyjar is its diverse birdlife, boasting a plethora of seabird species, including charming puffins, graceful guillemots, and elegant kittiwakes. The islands serve as vital breeding grounds for these avian inhabitants, offering visitors a unique opportunity to observe them up close. Engage in bird watching tours or marvel at their splendor from the majestic cliffs overlooking the vast ocean.

Beyond the enchanting birdlife, the islands present a captivating landscape characterized by rugged coastlines, sprawling lava fields, and volcanic craters. Each corner unfolds a picturesque scene waiting to be immortalized through your lens.

This remarkable expedition is not solely about experiencing the captivating beauty of Iceland; it is a personalized photo tour. Our professional photographer will capture exquisite images of participants at each location we visit, ensuring cherished memories are forever preserved.

Remember to dress comfortably, don sturdy hiking boots, bring your camera, and any additional photography equipment you possess. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to capture the unique allure of the Vestmannæyjar islands through an exclusive, private, and unforgettable photography journey.

- Duration ~10h
- Max 8 pax
- Level: Easy
- Available: May to September
- Pick up time: 9:00
- Pickup: Your accommodation (in Reykjavik)

- 20 professional edited photos

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