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Discover the natural beauty of Southern Iceland's braided rivers from a new angle on our private drone tour!

Our exclusive journey invites you to immerse yourself in the striking landscapes of southern Iceland, with a particular focus on its captivating braided rivers.


With our trusty modified 4x4 and drone in tow, we'll explore these natural wonders from the ground and the sky.

As we venture through the region's diverse terrain, our experienced guide will introduce you to the unique beauty of these rivers and how to capture them.


Your drone will capture their essence from above, offering you a fresh perspective on their meandering patterns.

But that's not all – we've got your back with our Ecoflow power bank, ensuring that your drone batteries are always charged and ready to capture every incredible shot. No need to worry about missing out or running out of battery.


This tailored private tour ensures you're comfortably positioned to capture the intricate river formations and the picturesque landscapes of southern Iceland. Your drone will serve as the lens through which you'll document this incredible journey.


Join us for this unique tour and return home with remarkable imagery and cherished memories of Iceland's braided rivers, presented in their authentic, unspoiled beauty.

- Tour Highlights -                                                                           
Capture 5 different colorful braided rivers as they reach the ocean.
+ More secret spots along the way!

- Duration ~8h
- Max 8 pax
- Level: Easy
- Available: All Year
- Pick up time: 9:00
- Pickup: Your accommodation (in Reykjavik)

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